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Back in October, 2020, MacRumors found an Apple support document reassuring customers that:

“Though all ‌iPhone 12‌ models contain more magnets than prior ‌iPhone‌ models, they’re not expected to pose a greater risk of magnetic interference to medical devices than prior ‌iPhone‌ models.” (Apple)

In January, 2021, cardiologists from the Henry Ford Hospital demonstrated that waving an iPhone 12 over the chest area where a defibrillator was implanted could deactivate the device.

There are two types of implantable cardiac devices: an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) and a pacemaker. Both help monitor a patient’s heart rhythm and can automatically correct abnormal…

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I use my iPad 10.2" mostly for media consumption, and I looked at probably a dozen cases and read all the reviews before settling on what I believe to be the best case out there.

Criteria for my use case:

  • Sturdy and protective. Must be able to sustain at least minor drops.
  • Kickstand that can adjust for multiple angles.
  • Vertical AND horizontal viewing. A lot of the kickstand cases only allow for horizontal use but not vertical.
  • No front cover. My iPad is either at home or in a tablet sleeve. Opening a front cover is unnecessary and cumbersome.
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I use my iPad Pro every day. Per Screen Time, I am on it for at least 9–10 hours a day, if not more. It is my main computer, and it has pretty much replaced my laptop. I am currently starting up my physician residency training, so a lot of my computing needs are not too intense. I use a lot of Office products and web apps. Here’s how I set up my iPad Pro.

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As a kid, I got bitten a lot by mosquitos. My arms and legs would be covered in red bumps one day, followed by me putting little cross marks on them the next day to help lessen the itchiness. It wasn’t until adulthood that I learned mosquitoes are attracted to higher body temperatures, sweat, certain clothing colors, and, surprisingly, blood types.

How are blood types involved? In 1974, scientists found that mosquitos may prefer those with blood type O more than others. Interestingly, blood types have been implicated in a variety of diseases as well. Some examples include H. …

Shift Screen in action

When I first connected my iPad Pro to an external monitor, my immediate reaction was, “why is the app not full screen? what are these black bars on the sides doing?” My next thought was, “oh no, this was a mistake.”


And I wasn’t alone. I poured over forums on MacRumors and Reddit. There were lots of other iPad users who thought they could hack their way into productivity paradise and only to hamstringed by that 1.43:1 ratio (11"). Luckily, it turns out, Yannik Schrade made an app called Shift Screen to solve that problem.

Successes? Failures? Or are they in limbo?

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There are so many iPad Pro accessories on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Some of them have been wildly successful, and some less so. With the Apple Magic Keyboard costing so much, people have looked for other, cheaper alternatives. Here is a list of the ones that have succeeded, still in limbo, or failed. To help sort out all the possible campaigns, we will only talk about those that received significant funding from backers.


  • Brydge Keyboard. Perhaps one of the original iPad accessory that revolutionized the way we thought about keyboards for the iPad. …
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If you read or watch iPad Pro accessory reviews online, you usually hear great things about the very expensive accessories. What if you are on a budget? I made the following list based on the different price points to help myself when I look for a new accessory. Maybe it will help you too.

$: < 50 | $$: 50–100 | $$$: > 100

Updated: 6/11/2020


The pricing range is different here based on market research. $ < 10 | $$ 10–20 | $$$ > 20.

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Many of the Magic Keyboard reviews have been focused on the one for the 12.9" iPad Pro (iJustine, MKBHD, The Verge, etc). There have been far fewer reviews on the 11" version. Granted, many similarities between the two exist, including a sturdy build, meh-ish polyurethane material, fantastic keyboard, and smooth trackpad. You can learn more about them in the links above or see a list of reviews here. Instead of rehashing all of that, I will focus on one question:

Does the keyboard feel too cramped?

The short answer is “no.” For context, I use my iPad Pro as my…

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One thing that has been difficult to find is a list of all the useful tips and tricks for iPad users. This is an evolving list aimed at solving that issue.

Updates: 6/12/20, noted by @@.


  • IPadOS Change Logs [Apple]
  • App switching: swipe to the R on the bottom bar to go to the last used app
  • Dark mode: settings→Display and Brightness→Automatic for dark or light mode. Customized schedules are allowed.
  • Drag n Drop: take file/item from anywhere, click and drag. Can use second finger to navigate to new place and then let go of the first finger to drop.
MIT COVID19 Challenge.

I attended the MIT COVID19 Challenge Beat the Pandemic II Hackathon this past weekend (5/29–5/31). As a resident physician, solving pain points in the healthcare industry has always interested me. This was my first hackathon, but it certainly won’t be my last.

Shout out to all the organizers for creating a supportive environment that encouraged diverse ideas and backgrounds. I couldn’t have asked for a better team, and our mentors were generous both with their ideas and time. …

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Thoughts on medicine, health, and technology. Views are my own and do not substitute for medical advice.

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